Driving License

Happy New Year 2014 everyone!

Fuh…i just noticed that my driving license expired one month ago…

Im going to renew it later, but not sure if Post Office still can renew for my case(expired) or do I need to go to JPJ to do it?

For any friends who can share if your got the same experience, my big thank you for you

God bless!

Might as well go to JPJ save you the time in case anything happen. Also no headache looking for parking space.

Can… my wifejust renewed hers… expired more than 1 mth in pos office

Thanks whatman! thanks bjy8138!

Driving License renewal fees in Malaysia was really expensive, the beneficial all going to JPJ, GOVT!

Oversea driving license renewal can go to 10 yrs at lower prices (RM)!

& malaysia only for max 5 yrs at higher prices! WAT’S REGARD?

please comments!