Drivers irked by roadworks causing traffic jam

Roadworks along the stretch that caused the traffic jam.

MIRI: Drivers commuting home from work in the city on Monday were annoyed by the traffic jam caused by roadworks along Lutong Bridge and Senadin Road.

According to road user Khairul Yusuf, residents of Desa Senadin, such as himself, as well as residents of Tudan and Kuala Baram only reached their homes late at night due to the roadworks, which meant only one lane was usable.

“Why do the authorities need to do work during peak hours as many road users are using the road. And why the need to reseal the road which is still in good condition?” he complained to The Borneo Post yesterday.

Fellow road user Lucas Anyie, who was driving from Lutong to Pujut 7, said there was a long line of vehicles from Pujut 7 to Lutong moving at a crawl.

“I noticed that there was a long line of vehicles and I can imagine the frustration and anger of those caught in the jam,” he said.

He also questioned the need to repair that stretch of road, pointing out that immediate improvements should instead be made to the stretch of road from the Sarawak Shell Berhad (SSB) Lutong office to Taman Bayshore housing estate.

“It is sad to see this kind of issue as the people can see for themselves and are asking why a good road needs to be scraped and resealed,” he added.