Drivers bad attitude

what do you guys feel if while driving there is a car in front of you and suddenly chewing gum fly out from the car and stick at ur windscreen! :evil: :!:

this happen to me last saturday afternoon and i was so pissed off. make sure i dont see that car anymore on road! if not i gonna wrap the whole car with chewing gum!

Chewing gum? Last time, some bastard threw cigarette out from his car and it entered my car from the open window.

yes chewing gum…and its so difficult to remove chewing stick on ur car…

sad to hear that…u shd burn his car

Hmmmm…drive slow at fast lane also one of drivers bad attitude.

hm… that’s not bad attitude but inconsiderate, which is quite annoying.

throwing stuff out from the windows is indeed very rude & dirty.
Dear Miri residents, please dump/throw the rubbish ONLY to the DUSTBIN (not onto any spot of land which you step on).

a friend told me before that somebody from the bus spat and the yucky stuff ended up on his face while he was driving…

my encounter will road bully.


whether attitude or inconsiderate or what ever this is pissing people off! either cigarette or chewing gum or rubbish or whatever things thrown out and spit out.
btw im gonna share with u the car plate number and what car. i hope is not member here. the things is that i dont have time to capture his car pics. if im not in rush hour i will follow the car and give it a lesson!

How bout people pissing out the window?

i’ll kiss the car’s ass!

I totally agree with u LOL… some b1tch like to drive slow in fast lane, donno how thr pass thr law & car… Never consider of other person

haih … this kinda thing is consider normal la since there r lotsa reckless driver in Miri …

i totally agree

no man, it’s not inconsiderate, it is bad attitude

wow… I always encounter people spitting out of the car from opposite lane… and the driver is spitting… so driver spitting he’s facing the opposite lane cars… Haiz… Kena my car… felt like horning…

Even got 1 time… i kena tin can !.. Very very bad attitude la these ppl…

Well, I’m still a learner and the procedure teach by my instructor tell me to drive on the right land (fast land) while the roundabout is still far. Cant drive over 50km/h lagi tu… I feel bad for the ppl behind me… But that is the procedure for the learner… ==

u’ll have to switch lane before reaching the roundabout… Do you expect ppl giving u way when ur oredi too close?

and to all drivers do realise upon reaching a junction/roundabout you dont have to care about left/right lane when ur nearing… Do realise other drivers may wan to go to left/right or straight… :slight_smile:

Haha… For learner like me just follow the procedure la… But i think it’s really early to turn… Maybe used to my parent always complain ppl so early turn to right lane when they drive slow… haha

hahaha… sure… when learning no problem ma… they shouldnt horn u… since ur “L” …

i also got this roundabout thing problem…

~ i live in piasau, so i need to go around a roundabout to go to pasar area. i go out from my house’s junction n its only a few km from the roundabout. i drive a kancil, so u can understand the slow pick up…its very2 hard for me to change the lane with a short distance of road n slow pick up. i think ppl shud be more considerate n think about others regarding some road matters la…

as for throwing things outta window, it boils down to human’s attitude. if i kena, surely i go n chase dat car, potong de car, n i do de same thing he/she did to me…baru padan muka them~~ hahahaha…

You wanna change lanes USE the bloody indicator. but of course you dun go into the fast lane like 300 miles away from the roundabout lah. if not u’ll face fast drivers like me honking or flashing you from the back. IMHO, you have more than ample space to change lanes when approaching the roundabouts here in Miri. So i do not see this as an excuse to get onto the fast like miles away from the roundabout.