looks for C&S enginnering draughtperson. GIRLS ONI

why girls only? Can tell me your company’s name?

hehehe…coz ur admin is gal mar!! then she said wan gals lar if can!! XXX Konsultant!!

i can propose 1 candidate but he’s a guy lorr

PCS Konsultant S/B ? Wah…company expanding?

OIC… is he chinese o wat? coz our boss mostly will employ chinese lor!!

aiya… thats racial discrimination.

hehehehe…wat to do? i think mostly office also like tat!! not jsut our office oni!! so…sory for tat lor!!


how much salary range ??

no wonder petronas only employ bumi…same prespective…

I’m about to recommend someone, but since your company’s racist…Good luck

if for beginner i think is less then 1k lor!! also depend on wat she got n boss lor!! maybe sooner will employ guys also lah!!

no wonder petronas only employ bumi…same prespective…[/quote]

hehehehe…wat to do? :slight_smile:

Wow, first time i saw got requirement for Draughtsman is Girls only. Amazing.

BTW, if you know a draughtsperson regardless of gender, race or religion, regardless of discipline(more preference for instrument) , just send me the following:

  1. CV
  2. Certificates - Diploma/Degree certs only, and any cert that is related to draughtmanship and technical skills.
  3. Detail description of previous projects or drawings done. Together with one or two sample drawings
  4. Expectations

We are looking for quality draughts persons to support our internal operations.

Thank You,

Best regards,
Edward Wee