Dragon Ball "Z" - Resurrection 'F'

So who still remember this?
Anyone here grew up reading/watching Dragon Ball?
i know i did :smile:
New movie will be released in next few days…
Who will be going and support the childhood hero?.. :smile:
Here’s a trailer,

Did he get killed by Trunks?

I only read the main comic. The 43 volumes and that’s all.

Watched the movie last weekend! Love it! BTW, DBZ is going to be resurrected but this time it is not a remake but entirely new episodes. I heard the new series going to be released this year.

yea, heard that the original author will be involved in it, which is a good news.

First trailer released! Dragon Ball Chou (Super)


can’t wait for it!!!

cool… i like the background track of Freeza.

I do remember this! I didn’t watch it when I was younger, but I do remember seeing it all over the place. It was a pretty big thing between the guys at my school.

I loved Dragon Ball Z (I think it is the same thing right?). I never got into Dragon Ball though. My favorite was always Vegeta. He was such a cocky little man! I loved his voice as well.