Dr M has a laugh over Najib’s Malaysia Day holiday

Dr M has a laugh over Najibs Malaysia Day holiday

By Debra Chong

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 19 Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s move today in declaring Sept 16 a public holiday to mark the day Malaysia was formed, 46 years after the fact was met with laughter by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

We should have more holidays, Dr Mahathir told reporters at the Perdana Leadership Foundation here in an immediate reaction to the announcement made in Parliament earlier.

Work is not important. Holiday is important, the 84-year-old added, wearing his trademark smirk.

Dr Mahathir said he did not want to criticise Najib’s effort, but pointed out that he was often described as a workaholic.

But now, I’m on a long holiday. I’m not working for anybody, he said, smiling from ear to ear.

Najib declared Sept 16, which is Malaysia Day, as a national holiday from next year, in his latest move to portray his administration as inclusive.

By making Malaysia Day a holiday he was indicating the importance of the Sabah and Sarawak vote given the balance of politics between Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

The move to finally declare Sept 16 a holiday appears aimed at giving Sabah and Sarawak due recognition as part of the country.

Malaysia was formed on Sept 16, 1963, and it has always been a sore point with Sabah and Sarawak that the day they joined the federation was never recognised officially as a holiday. The holiday declaration also takes away a perennial campaign complain by opposition parties.

Successive BN governments have ignored calls to make Malaysia Day a holiday. Najibs administration is now acknowledging the significance of the votes from Sabah and Sarawak.

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hhahahaaha, im laughing with him before i smack this old man’s head…

It could be confusing for the school kids… 31st Aug National Day VS 16th Sept Malaysia Day???
Another clever move by Najib in gaining support and popularity among the Sarawakian and Sabahan especially the State Election is around the corner next year.
Another cunning move on the 1 Malaysia agenda… anyway it managed to make the rakyat happy with the extra holiday.
Guess the oppositions gotta work extra hard now…

well, like our ex-pm said, we need more holiday than working day…LOL…

Kinda agree with this.

dono why i always laugh when i see najib’s new hahahahah, btw, what is “1malaysia”… still cannot understand what is that for

hahaha… he use the word so that ppl will think the idea is stupid…

aha…that shud be…16sept…wheres swk n sabah joint malaysia

46 years too late…
sorry i’m not impressed at all…

Kinda agree with this.[/quote]

same goes to me…agreed~~

correction…not swk n sabah join malaysia…

it’s malaya + swk + sbh + s’pore combine to become malaysia…

anyways…think it as positive outcome…we got one extra holiday…

ic…izzit b4 swk sbh joint malaya…the name already malaysia rite?wateva…i just luv swk tats all…malayan?back off!

don blame malayan 1st lah…our own local state leaders arent soo good as well, pujut highway talk more than 10 year liao i think :lol: why don they juz change the holiday into our roads lah aduh…bt still, better than nothing :frowning:

nolah.not blaming them…but from my personally i dont like only…y i dont like?i also dunno haha

Why don’t he called it “1 MALAYSIA Holiday” since it is his favourite term…

all 1 malaysia…mmm proton 1malaysia,1malaysia shoping mall,1malaysia brand haha

lol, why don juz change all school or police or bla bla bla uniform to 1malaysia uniform, with 3 colour of 3 kaum , then police uniform :mrgreen: got green,red and …wateva

1malaysia bank…1malaysia insurance…1malaysia chicken curry

Found out nothing wrong with it. More o.t next year :wink:

1 telecommunication service provider, 1 university, 1 car brand, 1 O&G, 1 pansuh, 1 beer, 1 belacan, 1 instant noodle…the list goes on…

1 telecommunication service provider, 1 university, 1 car brand, 1 O&G, 1 pansuh, 1 beer, 1 belacan, 1 instant noodle…the list goes on…[/quote]

All thanks to the 1 idiot aka Najib who started this

who the hell is Mahathir to judge other people? Because he has TUN?

oh right, i forgot, both from KERIS people, will KILL and mind bongle and even bomb people who disagrees.