Dr Chan wants to make Miri cycling haven

MIRI: One of Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chans missions for Miri is to make this resort city cyclist friendly soon.

The first thing he wants to do is build a bicycle track from Lutong to Marina Bay.

After that, he plans to convert some parts of existing roads into bicycle tracks.

Dr Chan, who is also Tourism and Heritage Minister, said his plan was based on the fact that cycling is a healthy activity and a growing number of people had taken up cycling as a hobby and as a form of exercise.

I have decided, after listening to the people and tourists, to make Miri as cyclist friendly as possible, he said at the launching of the Second Boulevard Mountain Bike Challenge and Charity Ride at Boulevard Shopping Malls car park yesterday.

The event was jointly organised by Miri Mountain Bike Club (MMBC) and Boulevard Group of Companies to raise funds for three charitable bodies, namely the Community Based Rehabilitation Centre, Methodist Children Home and Sunflower Centre.

Dr Chan said the proposed bicycle track had been approved by the government and was now in the planning stage.

We will engage experts to give us suggestions on the proper trees to be planted along the tracks.

The trees will protect cyclists from direct sunlight and also give a cooling effect.

The project is expected to be carried out by the Miri City Council (MCC) and Ministry of Housing and Urban Development next year.

Dr Chan said converting certain parts of existing roads into bicycle tracks could be done.

It is possible and Im going to fight for it. We want to build as many bicycle tracks as possible around the city.

We want to make it in such a way that later on the whole of Miri is going to have fewer cars, he enthused.

Dr Chan lamented that nowadays roads were all built for cars and theres no space left for other human activities.

At present, we have massive and big transportation around and inside the city itself. We are going to have a lot of areas (in future) where people can walk or cycleand there would be a lot of trees. This is what an advanced and healthy city should be and this is what we are going to do, he said.

Dr Chan hoped that infrastructure development planners would, from now onwards, incorporate or include cycling tracks so that people could live a healthy lifestyle.

Among those present at the bike challenge were Pujut assemblyman Andy Chia and director of Boulevard Group of Companies James Ling.

Alamak…traffic jam at Permyjaya persists la if like this…

Now this is good news for those wanting to take up cycling as a form of exercise especially for those with young children as this can be one for family outings. However, I see the bicycle tracks will turn into motorcycle track in no time if there are no enforcement to ensure no motorised transport are allowed on the tracks.

I think he forgot one thing. Most traffic jam occurs when people either go or off work/school. I don’t suppose they be wearing working shirt with sweat stain on it at work. And that you need secure facilities to secure the bikes as well (they can always just disassemble the bike or part of it to go around the lock). I still prefer better bus transport system with better timing at strategy locations to reduce congestion. And like what stay1 said, I have a hard time imagining the motorcyclist not taking advantage of the lane. Hopefully too, they don’t make the already narrow and pot holed ridden road narrower by simply adding lines at the edge of the road, declaring it bicycle lane and adding lots of bumpers.

With so many hell drivers in modified pitch dark tinted glass cars and those snobbish drivers in twincabs & ninjas, cycling in Miri is definitely a high risk sport.

= motorbike haven too.


How about pedestrian side walk? Many roads in Miri do not have this basic feature.

It will longtime after his rip, mark my word

Good news for roadie.Can test up there…

Can they complete it before the next election so we can cycle to the election point to do our voting?

nice one smallee :smiley:

CAN! In Bolehland, anything is possible. How much are you willing to offer? :mrgreen:
Ohhh…by the way, your voting station has been moved to Marina Bay to encourage you to cycle to vote. How about that! :lol:

Dr Chan is a NATO = No Action Talk Only, who usually like to talk thrash.
Whatever he said just go in from right ear and come out from left ear, don’t put in any hope on it.

sorry no offense as i knows dr george chan meants well. he will be hard pressed to get the necessary funds to make this dreams a reality for Miri. i wish him all the lucks and i look forward to cycling in Miri without fears of being run over by gangsters 4wheel drives and their equally ugly ‘look like men’ women drivers family members. :lol: :lol: :lol: :shock:

Hope he accomplish his word.

CAN! In Bolehland, anything is possible. How much are you willing to offer? :mrgreen:
Ohhh…by the way, your voting station has been moved to Marina Bay to encourage you to cycle to vote. How about that! :lol:[/quote]

Boleh… if the bicycle lane goes all the way there… :mrgreen:

Uncle George’s good idea. If he can make a haven a real haven, that will be a better idea :mrgreen:

oh great news.

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Ask his daughter’s father-in-law, the dishonourable cm to sponsor…after all he can well afford it…time for him to return what he’s stolen back to sarawak!

True…But I don’t want bicycle…Maybe Yamaha-R1 can lh.