Dr Chan: Make Miri a beautiful, healthy city

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Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Dr Chan: Make Miri a beautiful, healthy city
By Mary Francis

MIRI: Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan yesterday wanted the people here to help make the City not only beautiful but also healthy.

In this respected, he urged the locals to work hand in hand with the Sarawak Family Planning Association (SFPA) and other agencies and organisations to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

Dr Chan made the call when he launched a Healthy Community Campaign at the Gymkhana Club Miri (GCM) here.

The campaign organised by the local branch of the SFPA attracted some 150 participants comprising secondary school students and representatives from various non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Dr Chan said so far only a few cases of HIV/AIDS had been reported here.

Therefore, he believed, with the cooperation from everyone in the fight against the disease, the City could be free from the disease in the future.

Let us join hands with the association (SFPA) towards establishing a caring partnership, for health and prosperity in our community, in achieving the objectives of the campaign, he said.

According to Dr Chan, cumulatively, there were 67,000 HIV/AIDS cases reported in the country as of June 2005.

Seventy per cent of the cases were among intravenous drug users, he said, adding that the figure might look small because there were some cases they went unreported.

On the campaign, he hoped the participants would take it seriously and acquire as much knowledge as possible.

You must share the knowledge with others so that more people will be aware of AIDS and its prevention.

In this way, they will be inspired to be more aware and involve in the efforts to contain the spread of the deadly disease, he added.

Among those present at the function were Miri SFPA president Datuk Ursula Goh; Benjamin Chai of Mercy Malaysia, Miri Chapter and speakers Dr Leong Kin Fon, a paediatrician from Kuala Lumpur General Hospital; and Bibi Aryah Haji Pauzi.

Goh officiated at the closing ceremony of the campaign later.

Well, solve the ever increasing theft and robberies cases first before even start to talk about beautiful and healthy city!!

Dr.Chan, help the rakyat, then the rakyat will help you.

Dr Chan… we do not want beautiful and healthy city if it is not safe… so why not make it a Beautiful, healthy and yet “Safest City” in the country…

Agreed. Just the other day a friend of mine had his phone sntached near the Maybank at Centerpoint. Petty crime is still at large, what more serious crimes.

just show how insensitive out leader is toward the needs of the ppl…

Miri is getting better even though the economy is down a lot.

With GST implemented the gomen with have more money to make the city better

says the shareholder of Miri’s only petrol-powered powerplant.

Making sure Miri is safe should be his number one priority. Get rid of those pesky thieves/robbers/PATI in Miri! They have become an eyesore to the city.

P/S : Dang just realise this thread was posted in 2007? I dont think we should bump old thread