Double storey semi-detach hse for sale

Wishing you a blessed happy Chinese new year.

one unit of double storey semi-detach hse for sale in Piasau park area.

Location: Piasau park area, Jln Piasau utara.

of rooms: 3 in1st floor with attached washrooms n 1 in ground floor.

Fully furnished.
Landscape: planted with rare Balinese bamboo trees n bonsai trees.
Previous owner who’s an expart who lived in tat hm for 6 months decided to sell bcos on job transfer.
Very good location, as it’s a 5min walk 2 Sri Mawar School, Japanese restaurant n Miri City food Court.
Selling Price:RM660,000.00
Have a Great Day.
Interested pls contact 019 8749018.

Ha… like this lah ok… If want to sale house,provide the adequate proof of the house… easy ma…
Gud luck on your sale bro!!! If discount to 280 i buy but 660 way to much for me hehe…

Nice house at nice location2. Althou it is fully furnish, but the furniture doesnt seem to worth tat much… ur price of RM660k need to be revised…

too expensive… only big tauke or those salary RM20K per month affort to buy.

HI yiivei, D previous owner spent around rm300k from an empty hse. His balinese bamboo cost rm100.00 each,! Bonsai rm3k+ each.! kitchen cabinets/dining r 1 of d best. fridge around rm10K. oop! d grey China furniture set r not included as it produces fragrance.
wel d expart loves tat hm however got 2 go!

have a great evening.

HI tmt, d orang putih salary duoble than rm20k per mtn.

have a great evening,

wa… i like the house very much… it quit big and i may ask my grandmom and grandpa to live together wit me , sis and mom… the house i stay now very small just may fit 2 ppl… i wish to buy house this house is big, near to city and my work place… but the selling prices is too expensive not so to afford it… may got discount ma ???

Need to reduce the price la… too expensive for a semi-d hse with that land size. It would be reasonable if its value is around half mil. Anyway, good luck!

house around corner sell for 550K, ur furniture stuff worth $110? consider second hand may be less then 20K,way too expensive…

Hi 1970s, those hses they worth rm588K per unit.! 2nd hand for only 6 month ya.! when one like it price’s just a figure… 2 U might be way 222 expensive…
nothing is ‘expensive’ 2 a Kiwi who just bot tat hse, nice 2 c n nice 2 behold considered sold.
Tat Kiwi can speak little Malay n Mandarin.

Nowaday those developer just don bother about hse prices, new double stry semi detach now cost rm530k 2 rm600k n new double stry detach cost rm780k!

Got a new double stry semi detach for sale in Grace Hill, will get more detail soon.


lol~ those kiwi…

but, i tink u’re the 1 tat mark up the price eh?

[quote=“yiivei”]lol~ those kiwi…

but, i tink u’re the 1 tat mark up the price eh?[/quote]
Agree 10X. hehehe… Some1 has to pay high price for the other’s cunning. Be careful when you deal with hundred thousands money. You’re the one who decides. Evaluate very very wisely before endlessly regret… All the best!

nice house and cheap…why not 1 million? alang2 kantau maaaaa…

if without those accessories and furnitures how much leh? if less 400k can think lah.

wiling to let go without the loose items inside?..empty house only how much?..