DotA 2 Clan Recruitment

Hey guys!

Recruiting members to form a clan, SEA server.
Looking for any type of role. Will be playing CM most of the time, but will pub-stomp whenever we can (Y)

If everything goes smoothly, we will be able to join some online tourneys.

Add my steam : cpcywoo
IGN : Fusion|007

no skill is really needed btw, just train and train :slight_smile:

skype lai`

Are you good ?

nope~ buahaha! make fren~ kekeek~
casual dota2 oni ~ kekeek

lace : alright hahaha add my steam ;p
celebrity : can say amateur? haha

Are more DOTA players migrating to DOTA 2 ?

yes, too much leaver/flamer at dota… inb4 stop feeding la…

Feed what? Just want to hear so can advise cyber owner to drop warcraft completely and go for dota 2.

I know someone who, as soon as coming back to offshore, will DOTA 2 for all week long. Talk about addiction.

lol ignore the inb4, prefer you go for dota 2…becoming bigger and bigger now…hahaha i will dota 2 the whole holiday off…after the exam that is

i see what you did thr

oredy got clan :smiley:

DOta 2 still got leaver =3=… every game i play sure got leaver too… so currently playing HON… i got no friends at Dota 2 so i stop playing that… xD

lol, but not much…like srsly not much compared to dota

I’m an active Dota 2 player. But on a hiatus right now due to studies as well … Gonna play hardcore when it’s sem break !

i only play for fun can add? :smiley:

celebrity and ronaldo : sure :smiley:

Add me ? LOLOL !

lol steam? play now then

am playing for fun for dota 2. as i am focusing on CSGO, but sadly no one seems to set an interest in CSGO in miri.

CSGO is still new, hence almost no fanbase in Miri. Have to buy also whereby Blackshot is absolutely free. Give it time I guess.