Don't worry, Mom!

Okay… We went to Vietnam & our tour guide told us some jokes.

'When Vietnam was poor after a war, vietnamese used to be very innocent. Even after the government became to accept foreign investors, the people were still naive. One day, a foreigner went to a coconut stall, which was set up by a young sweet teenage girl.

The coconuts were sold at 2000 (Vietnam currency) & the guy asked her, “Could you get a fresh coconut from the tree? I only want fresh coconuts. I can pay you 4000 for 1 coconut.”

After thinking a while, the girl agreed & she climbed onto the tree with ease. The happy guy went away with his coconut in delight. When the girl went back home later, she told her mom about it in a happy mode. However, her mom wasn’t happy about it at all.

“Girl, you must know this… You are a lady already! You shouldn’t be climbing trees when you are wearing a skirt! The guy was taking advantage of you.” The girl only nodded quietly.

The next day, the guy came back again with the same request. However, the girl refused.

“Well… I pay you 6000 for 1 fresh coconut. How does it sound?” The guy offered.

Again, the offer was so tempting. 6000 for 1 fresh coconut. It was easy money to her. So, she did as he wanted. When she went back home, she told her mom about it.

Of course, whose mom would be happy about it? Her daughter was wearing a skirt & climbed a tree again! So she scolded her daughter again. “How many times do I have to tell you NOT to do so? You are exposing your underwear!”

The daughter merely giggled & told her mom, “Don’t worry mom! I am cleverer now! I didn’t wear anything so I don’t get to expose my underwear!”