Don't Throw Away Your Old PC

Dont throw away your old PC, make something useful from it.

Pls post if u have anymore interesting pics…

wait a minute how did you do for that hot coffee stuff. In my entire life… I never invent such things. Except some robots that sometimes not to use work well. It’s cool dude. Share something with me. i’m dying to know it.

how bout Laptops…Anything I can build just to recycle old laptop around here…??Maybe transformers… :wink:

yeah how bout laptop?? Cuz a lot of my robots that I find in the market quite interesting but come to this stuff I love it dude.

the coffee maker pc is dated 2 years ago i think…i read it in pc mag…need to do wiring…

  1. Bookend
  2. Table balancer (can prop up a table leg on uneven ground)
  3. fly swat
  4. frisbie!
  5. if it’s a Pentium 4 or the older AMD, can install into car seat, plug into cigerette lighter on a cold day as a seat warmer
  6. open it up and wear it over head as umbrella
  7. boat paddle
  8. paperweight
  9. mini stepladder for those just out of reach places
  10. if it’s a Dell, as explosive device

My client gave me an MMX Compaq Laptop once. Still in good condition. I asked him, why he dont need it anymore. He told me he used it as a door stopper! The laptop still runs until today! haha

hmmm…good…I think i will build a Dog house using various parts of computer spares…and the two laptops for it’s roof …

*currently using a External DVD writer as a door stop… :lol:

how about R2 the Star Wars robot … it’s really cute dude… did you guys know where to buy it and how much??