Dont fix car at kim aik auto car shop

i send my car to fix ,they fix other thing that not the problem that i told them to.i send back my car ask them to check one more time to solve the problem that they dint fix yet.after few day ,they call and told me that they cannot fix my car,need to change new engine…i lost my money and my car was cannot be fix…i only can say i wont go this car shop again,hope people out there be carefull went send car to repair.KIM AIK AUTO car i will aways remember u.

Is it the one behind Century supermarket (ex-choon cheong) ?

If u dunno much bout car, workshop r veli likely to cheat u

Ask u to change things dat not broken

wats ur car problem? wat they fix? wat car u using?

noted… won’t go there to fix my cars

and better to check ur car parts… coz last time my car sent to my friend workshop… my genuine parts become not genuince… so called friend… they closed down aalready due to dishonesty and Bo skill!!! so get some good workshop next time…or post up the lousy workshop name up to avoid this kind of things to happen again.