Don’t go to bomohs, advises mufti


Saturday May 20, 2006

Dont go to bomohs, advises mufti

KUALA LUMPUR: Stop going to bomohs. That is the advice given by Selangor Mufti Datuk Mohd Tamyes Abd Wahin.

He said he could not understand why many Malays still sought help from bomohs despite the media exposing the scandalous activities of some.

According to Islamic teaching, such reports should be taken as lessons and we should not blindly go to a bomoh recommended by people, he said on Wednesday.

He was asked to comment on The Star’s front-page report on Tuesday on bomohs and mediums tricking people into parting with their money or valuables. Some even ended up being raped.

Mohd Tamyes said the habit of visiting a bomoh for the smallest matter should be stopped because that was how their misery will begin.

He said bomohs should be avoided because they were just ordinary people who had acting talent to make their claims sound real.

If you think about it carefully, you can laugh at all the claims made by bomohs, such as them being able to make their keris fly and those sort of things, he added.

Asked if any action could be taken against bomohs, Mohd Tamyes said this could be quite a task.

Unless they have committed a crime, there is almost nothing we can do, he said.

You will never believe the amount of girl friends i know that do this too. You know, stuff like

Q: “What does my future husband look like”

A: “Handsome, manly, big, rich, tall or fat and short but healthy and caring”

Q: “Is my boyfriend out with another girl”

A: “I see another girl close with him, but can’t make out whether it is a friend, mother, sister or just someone happen to sit next to him.”

Q: “Am I fat”

A: “There’s a big cloud blocking my vision… sorry can’t answer that must be radio inteference”

Q: “How is my life like in the future”

A: “You will be old”

Q: “I wanna speak with someone who’s dead”

A: “HEllo. I am someone who’s dead. Nice seeing you again. Pay the bomoh more money.”