‘Don’t blame govt for bad economy’

MIRI: The community here has been advised not to blame the government for the bad economy; they should instead work together with the government to resolve any issues or problems.

This advice came from Miri Kung Siong Association president Dato Sri Law Kiu Kiong when speaking at the associations annual dinner last Sunday, pointing out that the bad economy is a global issue, involving all countries in the world.

Whether there is GST or not, we have been experiencing bad economy in the recent years. Enough of the finger-pointing on who should be responsible, but we should work hand-in-hand to identify the real problem, he said.

Law advised traders not to take advantage of the implementation of GST next month by hiking prices, which would only worsen the chaotic situation.

Any good deed we do directly benefits the people including ourselves. Hence, taking advantage of others suffering does not make yourself any better, he said.

The annual dinner held at Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club was attended by over 700 members.