Dog(s) chasing motorcycle/bicycle riders

good morning fellow members of as per above topic, i would like to ask you on dogs that are let loose by the owner and has the tendency of chasing riding motorcycles or bicycles. for your information, i ride my bike to work and pass this house owned by this taukey neo (she owns a small shop in emart selling ikan masin, pusu and other cooking needs. she have this four white black spotted dogs that she let out on the loose. one of the dogs always chasing me like it want to bite me. i don’t know about other riders and it always pisses me off.

ok. enough story and i want to know, what is the procedure to teach the owner and the dogs a lesson? should i meet the taukey neo and tell her before i make a report to MCC? and what are the procedures i need to know when i want to complain this matter to MCC?

i thank you very much for any feedback offered.

i like animals but when it comes to safety of riders and pedesterian, i will show no mercy.

i’m very much worried when the dog(s) start chasing small innocent kids. that would be any

parents’ horrific nightmare. if the dogs know how to behave and not chasing people (lain la

kalau pencuri. i understand why the tauley neo keeps many dogs, her house acts as a storage area


Firstly, does the dogs has any license tag issued by MCC? If no, it is already an offence. Report to MCC.
Secondly, all dogs must be leashed and under control of owner in public places. If not, it is an offence. Report to MCC.

Mad, dangerous and wild animals
5. (1) Every veterinary authority and every game warden and, in
the absence of a veterinary authority or game warden, every police
officer shall secure any animal reasonably suspected to be mad or
dangerous, and any wild animal found at large in or near any
public place under circumstances of danger to the public.
(2) If there is reasonable ground to believe that any such mad,
dangerous or wild animal cannot be secured without risk of injury
to the person of the veterinary authority, game warden or police
officer attempting to secure the same, such veterinary authority,
game warden or police officer may shoot or otherwise destroy
such animals.

Dog running at persons, etc.
6. If it is proved to the satisfaction of a magistrate that any dog
is in the habit of running at persons or at vehicles, horses, cattle,
sheep, goats or pigs passing along a public road, the owner of such
dog shall be liable to a fine not exceeding one hundred ringgit.

Liability of dog owner
7. (1) The owner of every dog which shall cause injury to any
person shall be liable to a fine not exceeding fifty ringgit; and
compensation for any such injury not exceeding one hundred ringgit
shall be assessed by the magistrate and shall be recoverable in the
manner provided by law for the recovery of fines before magistrates,
in addition to any other fine imposed under this subsection, from
the owner of the dog and shall be payable to the person injured.

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u need to teach that doggie some lesson. i love to put my feet on the doggie face if i meet 1 . sure next time they won’t follow you .some motor produce annoying sound so dog don’t like that. or may be the dog just wanna exercise.

Yea…try to kick the dog face…just give the dog a lesson…but make sure you don’t run over the dog with your bike…haha

Tips: slow down when you bypass the dog. it will not chase after you. Been “kejar” by dog a lot of time when using motobike. now… no more.

next time bring some bones with you :slight_smile: when pass by throw to the dog’s face xD

thank you folks for your infeeds. yeah, its easy for me to kick some dog’s face.

maybe its just me. but think about the kids. small boy/girl who wamted to pass the area.

i can’t imagine…could you?

if you chase by dog don’t run . if you run they dog love to run with you.

yeah. like when the dog show its canine meaning ‘i’m gonna bite your balls off…’ i don’t really care

about me as a singular…but think about the unsuspecting small kids?

yeah. like when the dog show its canine meaning ‘i’m gonna bite your balls off…’ i don’t really care

about me as a singular…but think about the unsuspecting small kids?[/quote]

dog normally bite when having baby doggie or threaten by someone.some kids like to disturb dog using stone , stick etc. this a no no . the dog will remember you.

i have experienced the “if you chased by dog(s) don’t run”. there were 3 dogs and i being a chubby man (cannot outrun the doggies) have to just stand there as the doggies get near showing their teeth and barking (ketar lutut beb, scary). but i just stand there, readying my kaki and penumbuk, then the doggies just sniff2 my legs then eventually the just go away.

thats really a scary moment for me, but it gives me idea that there is some truth in "“if you chased by dog(s) don’t run”. ngeee~

Or try piss around the area…shows the dog that is your place…hahaha


hahahaha…pissing territorial. :lol:

try scare the dogs by throwing fire cracker at them. haha.

dogs usually will sniff at u and will go away immediately and its a definitely a gud idea not to run as the dogs will chase u later on. I’ve observe many dogs before. I ever fought with a big dog which belong to my uncle last time when it tries to bite my bro… Luckily both of us goes away without being injured by it. :smiley:

Use B B gun or air gun to layan the dog.

Just report to MCC, doesn’t matter got license or not.

slow down your bike…

remind me of my teenager time,when i was accident bcos of dog passby…imagine when ur on highspeed riding motorcycle around 100++ then suddenly a dog cross the road and u cant avoid it,thats what happen to me…

back to topic,i experience the same thing at my house area,this is only when i jalan kaki to the kedai runcit,the dog will chase me…

what i do,i return to my house,get the “belantan” in my car,then run to the dog again,but now,im chasing the dog back while holding the “belantan”…

after that,the dog will scare u…thats how i solve my prblm…