Dog for adoption-free

about one years old.
2 female dogs
mix brown colour
anyone interested pls leave message here. thanks.

this dogs is looking for new owner, anyone interested?

giving out free? why?

because already have another 2 dogs, cant affordable to feed too many dogs .

why suddenly have another 2 dog?

not suddenly, one is mummy of that two doggy…another one is my sister’s dog.

bump for you

I think u should put the female dog offspring for adoption.
This is abit cruel… u abandon the mom just for the baby.
furthermore if you let the baby out for adoption, will be easier.
many ppl looking for puppy.

he/she abandon the puppy rite?not the mummy i think…

i dont have any puppy at home…
this two is the youngest one…

im interested to have one but im not good at ‘maintaining’ them…
hehe… anyway, free bump for u :slight_smile:

the dog is around 1 years old… poor… thing

got younger? i might adopt 1 hehe…

the above two dogs already have new owner this afternoon.

Glad they have found their owner…

for a while, i tot its “THE BIG DOG” from photog thread for adoption… lol.

Guess Im wrong.

yeah, its as big as in pic.