Does working long hours improve Government service?

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It is virtuous to work longer hours, says Najib

PUTRAJAYA: Civil servants should condition their minds to work harder and longer to increase the countrys productivity and realise the National Mission, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

He said there was no substitute for hard work.

Work is a virtue and not a punishment, he said while addressing the monthly gathering of staff and officials of the Prime Ministers Department here yesterday.

Najib said it would not be too much to work nine or 10 hours a day.

Imagine what would Malaysias productivity be like if we can work nine or ten hours a day for the next 10, 20 or 50 years, he said.

He said civil servants should therefore change their mindset and work harder, and utilise all their capabilities to implement programmes under the National Mission.

Najib said there were several techniques that could be used to change peoples behaviour and habits. One of them was mind reframing.

I want to share with you how Royal Prof Ungku Aziz uses this technique to avoid consuming sugar.

He sees sugar as poison in his mind and refrains from taking it. I have tried this technique myself and now take tea without sugar, he said.

Likewise, he said, we could reframe our minds to regard extra work as a virtue.

Najib said economic growth and productivity would be stunted if working hours were limited, like in some European countries where it has been limited to only 35 hours a week or seven hours a day. … sec=nation

I believe, if the present Government staff are more dedicated and committed to their work they may not need to work long hours .
We do come across few very committed staffs in Govnernment service.

They just need to be motivated right. Not the other kind of monetary motivation. This is probably in response to China, which has super hardworking civil servants currently.

i agree with ian. all this come down to motivation. if a human is motivated to do something, there is almost nothing to stop it. Monetary motivation is the most common way to motivate a person but for a short term oni.

about working longer hour, i don’t think this is necessary if everything is down effectively and efficiently. there is no point letting the employees working long hour if the end result is no different if they work at the normal hour.

Working long hours may intially show good improvement in productivity and Economy of the country.But once it start affecting the health of the individual,it will indirectly affect the economy.

Bottom line…“what it takes for unhealthy mind and body to do in 5 hrs,a healthy mind and body can do it in 5mts.!!”

Some of them at the moment already give long faces during normal working hours. Imagine working longer hours. Some of them, not all.

how do you motivate anyone working for the malaysian gov anyway? can it be done?

good question. i think in term of benefit, government servant do have one of the best benefit in the country.

anyone work for the government in here? give us you valuable opinions.