Does miri have enough shopping malls?

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Here’s a question, do you think there’s enough shopping malls in Miri? Why?

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Not enough shoppers. Shopping centres all situated here and there, sporadic. Only become alive during weekends, other days die die like fish gasping for air. Miri cannot afford shopping malls. Population still minute. Don’t have big anchors. If build more, people will go there enjoy air con and see car shows. Now with online shopping even worse. Who want to go out and endure traffic jam and pay limited parking spaces?

It’s not that bad actually. The satellite town in Miri (starting from Morsjaya, Miri town, Pelita, Boulevard, Saberkas, Lutong, Permyjaya, Tudan, Senadin) stretches from South to North is basically good to spread out the traffic because land is abundant for development. Next thing is to create more housing estates surrounding these satellite towns. On the flipside, if all these shopping malls are lumped into one area, for example old town area, those staying the furthest will have a hard time traveling there - which may still translate to not enough shoppers. Anyway, on a related note, it’s a shame that our bus operators are unable to keep the routes operating despite town planners have realized their vision of satellite town in Miri city.

the shopping malls are basically at 40% capacity with all the same cheap ass shops

nothing branded here

you can never have too many