Does anyone know where is FedEx office in Miri?

Sorry, I dont know where is the office. I cant find an address by search in Google. Then I remind this Miri Community forum, so I come in and ask everybody for help.

I think it is at Bintang Jaya Commercial Centre…

i thought its beside the AIA isurance building opposite the Ming cafe

Yes, beside AIA, opposite Ming Cafe. Near Mega Hotel.

isn’t that DHL? sorry i can’t help with where Fed Ex is but it’s probably handled by one of these companies.

That one is DHL but I want to find FedEx. I think one of the courier service is the agent of FedEx as ian mention -> … r_services.

I not so sure because sometimes I saw a FedEx truck in Miri. The logo and colour is looks similar to that GD Express. But I am very sure that truck is printed a big FedEx logo, just don’t know where is the truck come from.

I read from GD Express --> and [url=]
hopefully is GDEx.

Thank you for help.

call this fedex guy 0128730055

I saw the truck in there and thanks bluebirds77 for the phone number. That number really is the FedEx guy.