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MIRI: Investigations by the Environment Department (DOE) into the massive oil spill that disrupted water supply to more than 300,000 people here showed the possibility of gross negligence on the part of the diesel-bitumen premix plant involved in the incident.

DOE enforcement chief for northern Sarawak, Siva Nathiran, yesterday said more than 14,000 litres of diesel-bitumen had leaked into Sungai Liku due to two serious factors.

The leak happened so extensively because it went undetected from Saturday night to Sunday morning as there were no workers around because it was weekend.

The leakage happened at a part of the pipeline where there was a joint.

The piping gave way because the joint was connected by a rubber hose which had burst; thus resulting in the leak.

The joint should have been sealed with a stronger material, not just a rubber hose.

All these points to the possibility of negligence. We are now preparing our investigation papers and to file the case in court, he said.

The diesel-bitumen leakage into Sungai Liku caused massive water supply in the city for more than 24 hours due to the shutdown of the Lambir Water Treatment Plant to prevent the contaminants from entering the piped-water system.

Sungai Liku is the source of the raw water for the treatment plant, which processes 125 million litres of water for the entire Miri district.

Siva said the DOE had deployed its investigating team to the site, stating that it might take up to one week to clear the spillage on the land.

As for the oil leakage in Sungai Liku, he said 44 drums of contaminants had been extracted from the river so far.

The river water is almost cleaned up. There are booms being put in place to stop the contaminant water from flowing.

However, there is still a thin layer of contaminants on the surface. It should be cleared away soon.

Siva said the premix plant management and its contractor were in the midst of cleaning up the mess.

When asked when would DOE bring the matter to court, he responded that it would be done accordingly.

But the most important thing now is to clean up the river so that the water quality will be restored, he said.

Meanwhile in Kuching, Second Resource Planning Minister Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan said he had ordered an investigation to be conducted on the oil spill.

Actions will be taken against the company concerned if negligence was found to be the cause for the incident, and if it had flouted the laws, he said, pointing out that such an incident should not have happened in the first place.

Permanent secretary to Ministry of Public Utilities Ubaidillah Abdul Latip in a press statement said the ministry viewed the incident very seriously.

The ministry will immediately appoint an investigation team comprising various departments and agencies to determine the causes of the oil spill and recommend appropriate actions to be taken to prevent the recurrence of the incident.

The Star made several attempts to contact the premix plant for their comments but to no avail. … ec=sarawak

Hmmm… CMS… the staffs / engineers are sooooo free, always saw them minum kopi-o at the kedai kopi during working time

CMS owned huh? for sure no punishment will be meted out on them…

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The white rajah company so expect NFA or a very soft slap on the wrist.

On the paper, the DOE could be saman them but in reality, its for show only and CMS will definitely not paying any saman and later after some time will be left off the hook.

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true that. all for show, no real action. that’s the sarawak regime of higher authorities policy for us to suffer T.T

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Kudos to LAKU for the quick action taken on Sunday and restoring the water back. Hope we can have the water without diesel flavour soon.
The culprit is CMS company ? :roll: .Let The Lord save us

Thankyou JESUS for fixing the water

i love you and god bless