Doctor love story

A 20-yr old girl went to see a psychiatrist.

“Doctor, I’m so angry at my boyfriend that I must
call him “Bastard”. Sometimes I feel that he’s
gone too far, and he deserves the title.”

“Hmm… such a word is too strong and rude to call
a person. But maybe you have your own reasons to
call him that. Tell me about it so that I can help

“Yes, thank you, Doctor. There was one night…we
parked our car besides the beach and we were alone
and… he held my hand…”

“Did he hold your hand like this?”

“Yes, Doctor. Exactly like how you’re holding it now”

“If it’s only this, he doesn’t deserve to be called
“Bastard”. That means he doesn’t want to separate from

“Then, he leaned his body towards me… and hugged my

“Was he as this close to you and did he hug you
like this?”

“Yes, Doctor. Exactly like how you’re close to and
hugging me now.”

“It’s not a Bastard. That means he wanna stay
forever by your side.”

“Then he kissed me…”

“Did he kiss you like this?”

“Yes, Doctor. He kissed me just exactly like how
you’re kissing me now.”

“If it’s only a kiss like this, seriously you can’t
call him “Bastard”. That means he adores you.”

“Then he put his hands inside my clothes and
touched my boobie, Doc…”

“Like this?”

“Yes, Doctor… he did it like that”

“It’s not a behaviour of a bastard. It means he
wants to protect you.”

"Then he took off all my clothes… slowly… "

“Did you resist?”

“No. Instead, I let him do it, coz I love him…”

“Did he took off your clothes like this ?”

“Yes, Doctor. Until I’m completely naked like

"He still doesn’t deserve to be called “Bastard,
because it means he wanna learn about your
body completely.”

“Then he kissed me and put his… inside me
and had sex with me…”

“Did he do it just like what we did just now?”

“Yes, Doctor. exactly the same”

“You can’t still call him Bastard. It means he
needs you.”

“But then he told me that he has AIDS”

"Damn!!! @$&^$&%#)(&$)(#@_(#

Haha…a naive girl and a dumb doctor :lol:

totally …speechless

is there any such doctor kah? kekeeeeekekkeke :lol: :lol: