Do you wear pyjamas when you go to sleep?

I do and I like my cosy pyjamas.

i wear nothing everynight on bed… these days so damn hot… sweating all over my body

no air cond???

Nope,prolly i stop wearing one since i was 6 …cant remember

pajamas are for small kids and babies

then adult wear what?

when you grow up you will find out

i don wear pyjamas after i primary 3. now just wear my slping shirt and slp…

Only wear a t-shirt and shorts to sleep…Cool and comfort

no need to wear anything la…haiyo.This topic to personal edi la!!

actually, no need 2 bring out tis topic…

Agree…lame post

ya la…haiyo…apalar…dunno wat this poster had in mind!!!

no comments

so want to ask your brother to ban me?? :mrgreen:

aiyo, yichiku … don’t speak as if all the ppl in hates and would like to see u get banned … try to control or change the way u talk … think twice before you write anything in this forum will ya ? “adult” ? ^^

fyi, just boxer or naked sometimes.
anyhow, whats the purpose of this topic?

hey kid… i don k lo… control what?? change what talk??