Do you vape?

I was a smoker for several years and I made the choice to switch because it is safer for me and my pets to vape then smoke cigarettes. I am enjoying it. I have several fun flavors and cut back to only smoking 3 cigarettes a day. I will be quitting eventually completely.

Still crossing over to vaping. Currently using UD Goblin Mini with Dovpo Forever 20 Mod. Favorite flavor is Lemon Ice.

Yes, not anymore, but vaping helped me give up tobacco for good. I think they are a great invention, and yes they may not be 100% healthy, but way better than the tobacco we can so freely buy. I know so many heavy smokers who now vape, I can’t believe there are people who are against it.

I smoked for several years and gave it up about five years ago cold turkey. I’m glad I was able to do it, but I understand how it can be hard for some people. This wasn’t my first time quitting either. But it looks like it will be my last as I no longer have a desire to smoke.

To answer the question, I have never vaped. As far as vaping, it is a good tool to help people to quit smoking. Is it safer? Well, the verdict is still out on that, and there have not been enough studies done to be conclusive. You just really have to watch what brand you buy, because some do still contain nicotine.

I think my fiance uses that one! I am using a Cool Fire IV. I haven’t decided on a favorite flavor yet. I am doing a banana strawberry custard one atm.

This is why I switched. I want to eventually kick nicotine completely so doing it this way allows my body time to heal and wean from it. I am on 6mlg now so I will got down to 3 in a few months, then eventually none.

Mine has nicotine in it but it is a small dose. I am able to know what I am getting where e-cigs are not so easy.