Do you TOUCH & HEARD before BMW M series?

well, i already touch n heard the crazy STOCK monster screaming!!!

rear of the car!!!

Yup! That’s an M5!

Ultimate Driving Macine! M5 sedan 8)

off course this is real M power v10 540hp crazy monster!

nice sport RIM!!!

can’t u resize the picture? so hard to see… :?

Yalo, 640 X 480 would be best!

aduhhh…yalor too big the picture. pls resize it brother…

My relative won this car in Dubai duty free…equivalent of RM 300

wow…so lucky !

Wait to see how this one defeat the M5 :mrgreen:

GTR-35 ?? chiewwww…cannot compairing with M5 lar. V6 how to compare with V10 my fren ?? Nissan & BMW just compare with the name already lose chin chin. :slight_smile:

repost testing the size!!!

successful upload to the size u ppls wishing right?!?!!?! kekekekeke

yalor…early early can do like that liao. isit much better to c right ? :slight_smile:


another shot!!!

actually this car been accident only small part!!! the engine is been damaged and remove and get another new engine put inside as the sales person told me n my friend!!! this car is totally like new!! if u want the brand new model just wait for another half year time and pay more BND100k from the price ok!!!

the v10 engine screaming is totally different than the v6 bro!!! i own a v6 engine sure i know but now i heard v10 then i wish to put in to my perdana!!! kekekekekekekekek


In this case you can keep away the airscoop model photograph but to bring alone this M5 photographs on your coming Thailand trip :wink: , remember also to write the letter V10 big big… :mrgreen: