Do you know how to give way?

I noticed that most Mirian’s driver dont give way when they want to enter from junction. They dont bother on the incoming car. just go stright.

I would like all Mirian to encourage to write down the car plat no. so that Mirian know this driver is ■■■■■■■■■■■■■. Kopi-o license

let’s get down to it

like sibu drivers ma! haha. no offense, but it is a fact, “siapa cepat dia dapat la” :mrgreen:

Now that’s very PROFESSIONAL…

Kena accident… HOW???

like bintulu drivers also…i think even worse in bintulu.

That’s normal during peak hour.
If you are at loosing side, keep quiet and just wait.
If there’s a needs, MBM will put traffic light there.

The golden rule.

Give way to those on your right and those going straight.

Miri way? Bintulu way? Sibu way?
I guess most of us are expert in these categories.

Em… lot of ppl just kopi “O” the law test & that Y this kind of incident happened.

Agree. Drive at right lane at low speed is common in bintulu.

Write down the car plate No??? What do we get then? Better practice defensive driving for own safety lah…
Observed few cars with Mcnet sticker conducted offense also how

[quote=“Eugene91”]The golden rule.

Give way to those on your right and those going straight.[/quote]

Spot on Eugene91. :smiley:

Nice topic. Please alert your left and right side for biker. Don’t simply turn left or right without signalling it then blame the biker for the accident. Also, don’t simply rush out to think that biker will give way when biker is on straight road and the car is at junction waiting to come out. If biker suddenly lose control, how? Biker only have two wheel and always alert left and right. No body protector and only protect head. Car have full protection against motorcycle. So, be alert on left and right and also behind especially big big car such as hilux, triton, ford, avanza and so on. I know you all is bigger than cyclist but please, please beware of biker too. Not all biker is mat rempit. Thank you.

i saw car accident last nite at Krokop run about, Jln. Jee Foh. is it become of somebody dont give way?

saw that too ! its due to the size of the roundabout and drivers that don’t give signal when turning … hafta give signal no matter which turn u r taking … be it right infront of u, u still hafta signal left , and like someone pointed out before, its better to practice defensive drivin n be patient :slight_smile: