Do you know ASUS Laptop Graphic Card can Upgrade?

Asus Laptop Graphic Card can Upgrade, do you know? ACER laptop graphic card also can upgrade… any question just ask me. thanks… this is the sample for ASUS NVIDIA Geforce 9650M GT and 9700M GT for reference! and the latest graphic card for ASUS and ACER at the market right now is GT 130M… if anyone want buy a ASUS Laptop graphic card, let me know. for price, just e-mail/msn me at :

how much for upgrade to GT130M?

yea definitely can change but there is a risk of having your heatsink placed back wrongly as in the thermal paste/thermal pad compound doesnt fit together well between the gpu and heatsink…

eei so good…
asus lappy nw can upgrade like desk?
eugene how bout urs can upgrade?
omg…dell can upgrade or not?

dangerous, ur dedicated graphic card’s component may not be able to support the new GPU tat u upgrade. Risk of burning off the capacitor or integrated circuit is high. That’s my opinion. Want an upgrade, just change the whole laptop.

i already upgrade my asus z99s 14" from nvidia geforce 8400M G to nvidia geforce 9650M GT. if was safe and not trouble for all. if want to buy, just let me know thru msn/e-mail :
i will let you know the price for this 3 type of graphic card!
nw i just sell a 9600M GT, 9650M GT and 9700M GT for ASUS laptop . ACER laptop graphic card will follow next.

i dont sell other laptop graphic card. thanks…