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[size=150][center]We are sure you have heard or experienced cases of heart attack or stroke among your family members, neighbors, or acquaintances. Read the statistic below which is taken from The New Straits Times dated 24 April 2007. [/center][/size]


Listen to those who have been using
Alpha Lipid LifeLine
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Ms Nordini got stroke in October, 2006 and was confirmed to be a cripple for the rest of her life. After taking 4 tins of Alpha Lipid, she began to experience some positive recovery and is now able to walk without aid.

[b]Tuesday, 27 January, 2004
LISBON, Portugal (Reuters) Portugal’s Football Team Leader announced a day of mourning on the death of Miklos Ferer, a Benfica Hungarian player while on field.

The 24 year-old striker, who dropped dead on Sunday during a match against Vitoria Guimaraes was reported to have a heart attack. Feher was the second player to die during a match 7 months after the player Cameroon Marc Vivien Foe died during the Confederations Cup in France June 2003[/b]

[center][size=150]How To Keep Healthy? [/size][/center]
[b][center]Drink 10 to 12 glasses of water daily

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Exercise everyday

Limit your fat and sugar intake

Cut on your rice, bread and white flour intake

Keep to your ideal weight

Eat a lot of fiber

Have a good stress management

Do not Smoke[/center][/b]

[center][size=150]Now there is an easier way to keep you healthy everyday.
“It is hard to imagine that there is an alternative food which is more natural and healthier compared to colostrums” excerpts from The National Institute of Nutrition Research, USA


The Nutrients available in
Alpha Lipid LifeLine


[b]Vitamin A
Good for your eyes. Vitamin B12
Increase blood, suitable for pregnant mothers.

Vitamin B6
For the nerve system, stiff hands and legs. Vitamin B1
Helps enhance the functions of B12 and B6.

Vitamin B2
Helps enhance the functions of B12 and B6. Vitamin B3
Helps enhance the functions of B12 and B6.

Vitamin C
For your skin health, suitable for those with skin problems. Vitamin D
For better calcium absorption, without vitamin D the calcium you take will go as waste.

Vitamin E
Essential for the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It restores blood flow, is important for tissue recovery. It ensures normal blood clots and enhances healing as well as reduces scars.[/b]


[b]Folic Acid
Helps in the formation of new red blood cells. Magnesium
Helps to enhance the fuctions of our nerve system and regular heartbeats.

Essential for the body’s immunity functions. Lack of iron will result to the body’s susceptibility to illnesses.

Helps to stabilize your blood pressure and nerve system.

Reduces osteoporosis effects which start at 35 and especially for women undergoing menapaus. Helps to reduce stress.

Works together with sodium to increase the development of cells and muscles[/b]

Total Immunoglobulin

[b] IgA
Also known as mucus antibody, works to prevent bacteria from infecting our organ. Also helps to produce enough protein for our body.

This antibody is produced by cell-B and found in our bones, intestines, lungs and works to activate the production of red blood cells. It helps to neutralize the toxins caused by bacteria in our body.

It functions as peroxide. It protects membrane cells, prevents the growth of harmful cells which lead to diseases, strengthens bones, nerve system and the brain.

It is the highest composition in the antibody. Helps to activate white blood cells to fight against bacteria especially E-coli.

Provides heat, enhances calsium absorption and distribution to the bones. IgFI & IgFII
Igf stimulates skin renewal. Ensures skin’s elasticity and fights against fungus, bacteria, virus and pathogen.[/b]

Extra Ingredients

[b]Complex Lipid (patented - Unique)
According to research without Lipid Complex, the absorption of colostrums only works up to 20%, the rest of the 80% will be flushed out and vice versa.

Its probiotic nutrients is equivalent to the ones in Yakult.

Enhances the functions of probiotics.[/b]

Ms Norma is a Master student from UKM (University Kebangsaan Malaysia) doing Microbiology. Her father was involved in an accident, became disabled and only got a 50/50 chance to live. After using Alpha Lipid for a month he is able to walk and drives his motorbike.


Mak cik Jah has been experiencing knee pains since 20 years ago. After using Alpha Lipid for 4 days she is able to walk and able to climb the stairs to the weekly meeting place of Alpha Lipid.