Do You Believe In Superstition and Mistical Item?

Do you believe them?
Because I always heard people talk about it and especially in our Borneo.
However, I believe it.
But never get my hands on it.

i do believe that there are such thing exists…

but not to the extent that i believe it to a point i cannot live without it.

from 18000BC to 2000AD, taking time of 20000 yrs, humans advanced from primitive, dark ages to modern wireless era

through research and examine known fossils, scientists concluded that the earliest life appears 4 billion yrs ago, the earliest humans appear 195,000 yrs ago.

first egyptian civilization started at around 3150BC, we have internet in 1985.

how can u be so sure that no higher-life civilization ever developed in the past 195,000 yrs? maybe today’s superstition & mystic are ‘remnants’ of those ‘advanced civilizations’ that ever existed in the past on earth?

good one mevotex

thats what i have been wondering all along :slight_smile:

20000 yrs it requires to go from primitive to satellite age, then humanity 195,000 yrs wont there be like already 10 wireless civilization?

consider if one of the civilizations happens to advance 40,000 yrs before some apocalyptic events destroyed it, what they left behind (i.e. technologies currently far beyond us) may be considered superstition/mystic by us now.

if our current human civilization, unfortunately, to be destroyed by some catastrophic events, but some of the technologies (say voice recorder or camera) happen to not get destroyed. when a new dark age emerged they will consider them ‘miracles’ or ‘sacred’ until their science explained it.

I dont believe it…
Not to put myself to believe it anyhow…

I believe…
Coz its happening…

From my point of view, these are all non existent. Only people in the village do believe in this because, what else would they blame for anything bad that happens?

well its up to you guys to believe or not. my grandfathers (both side) served in the “emergency” and from their experience its pretty real i have to say :mrgreen:


if things like pantang i would surely follow - especially when it involved those pregnancy thingy.

anyone care to share their respective tribe superstition here?


if things like pantang i would surely follow - especially when it involved those pregnancy thingy.[/quote]

+1. Better be safe than sorry!!!

i dunno i beleive how much but some supertition really confused me.
(for chinese people here pls share. this topic is refer to chinese culture ok)

old ppl say tiger and dragon cannot together, but my frend told me her mother in law want dragon and tiger together. many old ppl say these two chinese horoscope cannot together, some say is the best match so anyone can explain?

my hubby is dragon, my brother in law is tiger, they never get along. my frend is dragon and her husband is tiger but they can get along very well for so many years in thier marriage plus they still very loving, so this issue really make me scratch my head. maybe it link to our chinese birth time if they are match might be no problem is it this way?

yea some of the pregnancy pantang i follow but not all can be listen coz i realised nowadays getting more and more ridiculous pantang in this chinese culture tht really confused and scare off ppl only. during my pregnancy time, ppl told me cannot chop meat, cannot vacum floor, cannot eat cucmber, cannot eat certain fruits, cannot use selotape stick something, cannot cut or clothes string tht come out, cannot held party, cannot go party, cannot drink birdnest, cannot drink soya bean, cannot eat egg, cannot cook, and many more which make me feel very funny to listen. all i can say not all pantang is work,.

ok help me share the chinese horoscope i mentioned, thanks