DNS lookup failed

Hi all,

Im using D-Link ADSL router 504-T with streamyx and I connect this router directly to one desktop and one laptop using ethernet cable for both (no wireless). My desktop is running on Windows XP and my laptop is running on Windows Vista. FYI, i’ve recently reformat my desktop(windows XP).

So here is my problem. I start browsing on my desktop using Google Chrome which is working perfectly fine for a few minutes until the connection is getting slower and finally come to a message of “DNS lookup failed and misconfigure network and so on.” I’ve tried different browser e.g IE,Firefox,Safari and come out with the same result and this does happen to the browser on my laptop too. I noticed that the ADSL light on my router is perfectly stable which means that my internet connection is fine.

But, this problem will not happen if I dont connect my desktop and my laptop browser will be working fine. So I suspect this DNS problem arise from my desktop.

Why is this happening and how can i resolve this DNS issue? Ive tried to google it but there a few steps to do it. Anyway i need more suggestions and help from u guys in MC.net :mrgreen:

time to get a new one?

Restart your router… Or try using alternative DNS
Google DNS: (primary) (secondary)
Change this through your network adapter’s IPv4 settings :mrgreen:

Personally I don’t like Google DNS. It’s better to use open DNS or dnsadvantage. Google them if you want to know more and how to set them. TM’s DNS sometimes very problematic

Thanks for your reply guys. It seems like my Safari browser are causing this problem coz everytime i start to use it this DNS problem will occured.

I never try all these DNS though. I just put it on automatic DNS :slight_smile:

Agree with you :slight_smile:
Google DNS Filter out some stuffs which most people don’t know. :smiley: OpenDNS is the best.