Dj Cbell J - Drug Music (Global Schranzformation)

Cbell J - Drug Music

Arome - Hands Up (Yoji Biomehanika RMX)
Yoji Biomehanika - Rain
Seema - Techno Fighter
Boris S. - Fight Club
Tobias Luke aka O.B.I. - Algophobia
Boris S. - Straight Forward
Viper XXL - Frag
Boris S. - The Thing
Viper XXL - Desert Eagle
Seema - Red Planet
Boris S - Point of No return
unknown - unknown
unknown - Vodoo People
Cruz And The White - Make It Faster

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A schranz set for all you bass junkies out there. If you like the hard kicks of hardstyle, then you must like the hard ass kicks of schranz. A hard and dark atmosphere for those who value bass. Bloody synths and sharp elements to shred your veins and keep your muscles dancing all night long. Check it out!

Enjoy and give me feedbacks!!