DIY Projects

I love doing DIY projects! I have done several things already and I am sure I will do several more. I recently made a jewelry hanger for my necklaces out of a plank of wood, nails, and paint. I added some small mirrors to make it look fancy. A lot of people ask me where I bought it from and are shocked to find out I made it! What are some DIY projects you have done?

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Did it with a friend of mine.
Not exactly DIY though…

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Yes I quite like certain DIY - making the rooms nice with fresh paint, and fixing everything until it works well.

I like the home to function well and feel welcoming and clean.

Still looks like some fun!

I actually paint old items to make them newer. I will do this to lamps, frames, shelving. It is quite fun and relaxing!

I just bought a house recently, so DIY projects are a normal part of life around here right now. The house I bought is a bit of a fixer upper so I enjoy doing DIY jobs.

we actually use DIY for most of our product it’s ok,because most of our cleint appreciate it.