Diving & EFR (Emergency First Responder) Course in Miri

Discover Scuba Diving, Scuba Diving, EFR (non diving) Course now avaible in Miri!!! 8)

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Taking comercial diving in the near future? or interested in scuba diving itself?

Is this just standard scuba diving, or can be used for offshore oil & gas work?

A scuba diver or someone with just scuba diving license (PADI or NAUI or etc…) and scuba experience, can’t work in the oil & gas industries or any industries that is similar. Reason being is scuba divers are just weekend or leisure divers.

Only place in the world to get a commercial diving certs recognize by the oil & gas or mining companies are centers in Australia, New Zealand, French & South Africa. Currently, anyone with IMCA membership are recognize…
To be able to work in an oil & gas industries, one has to have the following criteria before even taking a commercial diving course.

  1. Has an Open Water Scuba Lisence at minimum.
  2. 10 Logged Scuba dives at minimum.
  3. Less than 3 months of updated Diving Medical cert from certified Diving Medical practitioner.
  4. Advance First Aid cert (This can be taken at the commercial diving school)
  5. Enough money to pay for the course & food/accommodation/flight/leisure money that would last for 3 months.

Once all this has been establish, getting a seat in the course center is a matter of which season you’d prefer, for Asian, I suggest the Summer season, but don’t get me wrong, summer season is still about between 10 to 16 Celsius. So do prepare warm clothes.

Now, one last thing… once you get to the course center, you will have to swim in full diving gear (scuba) and swim a 1000 meter swim. Those who fail this, then bye bye… on the first day.

You seen understand well

how much open water?I want to take course

gohky! You Mai kaciao ler

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Since our nick is same ,got discount or noT?

Gohky, open water course Or TEC 40 ya?