Dividen Tahun 2011 (Dividen Diisytihar 6.00%)

Hi…have anyone checked their EPF statement yet?

Well, i have checked mine. i check the numbers.

i take the amount i get from the “Dividen Tahun 2011 (Dividen Diisytihar 6.00%)” of X, then i divide it with my balance from Dec 2011, Y.

so, if X/Y, it should have value of 6.0%.

but from my calculation, mine was 4.52%.

or is there any other calculation?

or did i miss-understanding here?

their calculation might same as bank… ie as per day balance based…

DORNZ, you have to calculate using the opening balance of 2011, that will entitled to the full 6% dividend. Next you have to calculate each monthly contribution dividend up to December 2011. For example if the total monthly contribution for January 2011 is RM1,000 , then use this formula (RM1000 X 6%)(11/12) + (FEB contribution X 6%)(10/12) + … after adding up all the sum then add the initial dividend for the open balance for Jan 2011 then you should add up to you total dividend paid (MAY VARY SLIGHTLY). However this calculation is just a rough and simple calculation as dividend for EPF is calcualted DAILY, there is a much complex formula for this. Hope this help


owh cool homeandry…thanks for your informative answer. i think have i understand abit of the calculations based from your explanation. :mrgreen: salute.

bagusnya… now can start to buy a house…