Discussion about robert kiyosaki advice

what do u think about his book? For me, I think he says a lot of crappy story and make fun of people who are working and try build network marketing. I think this doesn't make sense. A lot in-logical thing he said that so risky that might cause u dry out your money. He thinks that education is not important. For me education is important prepare u skill and knowledge to survive this real world. Economics wont work without people working. He teaches us not to work. Money work for us. this doesn't make any sense. Buy real estate. U think poor people can afford? stupid robert. I think just waste money and time study his wishy washy guide.

Rich dad poor dad



i have read all of his books.

robert kiyosaki does not guarantee you success but reading his books does guarantee you a change in mindset towards success.

Some of what he wrote is utter crap while some are actually very true and useful. It provide a paradigm view on lots of matter about personal finance. Read and understand what he is trying to deliver, to accept his point of view or not is 2nd part. And about risk, everything we do has a certain risk, low risk low return, high risk better possibility of higher return, no risk means ur heading down the wrong way my fren. And economic always favor the 1st penguin, the early bird have higher chance of making bucks while the rest who follows might end up not getting anything and then sits and complain that everything is a scam, and hes better off working which true because we do need someone to run the mill. Classic case of the sheep and the Shepherd. Most people are sheeps and some people are shepherd. The latter receive more benefits thats all.

I don't know which Robert's book you are reading, but if you are really reading it then you clearly are misunderstood. Here is why:

1) First you say he make fun of people doing network marketing, may know how he make fun? Because as far as I know, he cherish and value network marketing and also
encourage people with time but no money to start venturing into network marketing. Below is the link to support my statement.

2) If he think education is not important than he will contradicting himself as an Education Provider. He clearly don't like the way formal education is taught, but he highly
emphasize the needs to have financial education for everyone, which is also a form of education(but formal education doesn't provide).

3) He teaches us to be financially free, by that he mean that earning enough PASSIVE INCOME to cover your life expenses. Real Estate is just one of it and how he made his fortune.
If your life goal is to work for someone else, than clearly you pick the wrong book to read.

4) About buying Real Estate, he have a book that shows how to buy property, but I do agree that some of his teaching is not applicable here in Malaysia, but the concept of his teaching never changed, whether which business you are in. The reason he buy real estate is to earn passive income through rental. You can apply this concept to any business.

Hope you have more clarity about his teaching after reading this, but you do say some of his teaching is illogical, mind list down some for more discussion?

I tot his company bankrupt

they had a hidden camera at one of his seminars...guess what happened??

lol what a scam artist

One of his company declare bankruptcy because of legal lawsuit. He make a sound decision to bankrupt the company but in return he save millions in legal related lawsuit.
I sure he has dozen of companies under his business portfolio.