Dint you guys feel the huge winds?

This is scary! It blew my window open! Well just abit! OMG!

Its getting stronger and STRONGER!

yup suddenly wind blow so big close all my room window 3 at once ~~
The wind blew it ~~

OMG! its not safe at home

Yup, strong wind


guess u all live luak bay area is it?

My god. I called a friend and it sounded scary. As if Ju-On was on the phone!

No Im not Pujut!

Pujut area is very windy too… wah… trees are falling for sure!

Yup, pujut area is very windy

Report from Piasau.

Condition: medium to bad
Internet: worse than before
Situation: still heavy rain with strong wind. Sign of roof top not stable.
Action: none.

I am having stout while enjoying the big wind blow and rain, syok!

Leaking la at my kitchen.aiyo. Wind blew strongly from behind my house.>>>SO scary la. Piasau Jaya area. :!:

Strong wind now produce some scary sound

Getting lesser and lesser report from Pujut 7.

heavy rain in Senadin now

Pujut seems calm to me now…just some drizzling rain and mild winds blowing

Calm down in Pujut here.

I LMAO’d when I called my friend! He’s mom shouted, ANGIN KUAT!

monsoon season…hope all you guys are safe and sound.

krokop also ok now.hehehe