DIGI. Advice needed plse

Saturday morning spent visiting DIGI shops,
trying to get Someone to explain…
how to retreive/access my Voicemail msgs,
(had previously looked on their web.site, but Nothing for my predicament).

Imperial Mall shop, totally confused & unable to access VM either.

then Main DIGI shop at Centre Point II, explained:
" access d sms, call 121, then enter 9999# …

sadly, still d Bahasa DIGI lady responses… :roll:

Anyone got Simple, Clear instructions on how i may carry this out?!

Can d length of the rings, prior to switching on of VM, b adjusted?
ie. more rings enabled, prior to d ‘auto-chop’ of incoming calls…

Any info forth-coming, would be substantially more, than their offices have managed to divulge.

many thanks. db.

Dial 121…then u can choose ur language…default PIN 99999