Dieting will only make you fatter

Long-term weight loss is more about lifestyle changes, and if you deny yourself food, you ultimately overeat. Psychologist Janet Polivy at the University of Toronto said most people trying to lose weight had unrealistic expectations and self-defeating behaviour from the start of their diet. When it failed, they were actually likely to gain weight before the next attempt.

“Losing weight involves actually changing permanently how people live their lives,” Polivy said.

Brisbane psychiatrist George Blair-West said people knew what to eat but the question remained why didn’t they do what they should do.
“We are better at treating most cancers than we are at treating obesity,” he said.

“Our five-year success rate in treating obesity is less than 20 per cent, and that’s why we have this thing spiralling out of control,” he said.

Research also showed that after people lose weight, they usually regained all they had lost plus another 15 per cent.

Unlike the campaign to make smoking unpopular to cut the addiction rate, food could not be made unpopular. One way to treat the problem is a sophisticated dietary approach involving allowing the patient to pick around four or five foods to which they were deeply attached and removing other fattening foods they liked less.

Dr Blair-West taught his patients techniques involving Zen Buddhism and mindfulness to get them to cut back the size of their portions and lose the weight they wanted - permanently.

I dunno…I really tried not eating much just to control but when I did I just got bulkier each time,…But when my intension are not there I seem to automaticly loose more than I diet.

I’m opposite. Trying to gain some weight by eating alot only now I see a little bit of effect because I’ve been working almost nonstop daily and not resting enough. Eh? Weird huh? I live in an Opposite LalaLand.