Did anyone try it before?

I found this website that offer nice price for handphone and other device+no shipping fee…Im juz wondering wether this website is true or fraud.


ipmart is a legal website seller… so dont worry… it will to your front door and if you not at home, they will call you… i already buy my samsung s3 and ipad there…

woah …awesome!! haha …no shipping fee for sarawak is it ?

Hi. I am a supplier for various items, so i spent lots of time finding out about quotations for various items. Well, if you are really rajin with these kinds of things, you can save a lot when buying things instead of going to shops/re-seller. I bought lots of mine thru direct sources, and i will continue to do so. Just need to be more rajin when it come to these stuffs. Buying online is a good option, but be careful… it’s best to check for business registration no and ic of business owner. :slight_smile:

yup…free shipping within malaysia and brunei… :smiley:

me too… i been cheated on mudah last time… from mudah, if company it can be trusted but if individual… advice DO NOT TRUST… this ipmart is an official website… legal action… :smiley: