Diablo 3

I heard theres new Diablo 3 coming…but dunno when…
i saw it on youtube…man the graphic is UPSER DUBER AWESOME XDDDD

wanna order someday…but dunno here got on sale or not…or maybe have to wait next year or another year…

can’t wait to try it out

mummy3 got, at cinema.

err…that’s stupid…i was talking about a game Diablo 3
not the mummy 3…swt le

people talk west you say east( ren cian tong, ni jian shi)

hope the graphic not toooo demanding, else all average pc brought on year 2007 all cant play, no point also… summore my pc from year 2006…

unfortunately…it is.
i’m expecting it BIG.

btw, you guys can visit blizzard.com for detail. there also can get info about SC2 & WoW stuff too.

…and no DoTA thingy.