Device at Lazada

Anyone ever try to purchase device at Lazada?
Any issue with them? Currently eyeing on the Huawei Mate 9 Pro, but not dare to risk it as I never try before to purchase that expensive item through online. So kind of worry.

I think too risky when it comes to the big amount of money . If COD maybe okay. But it still curious about originality. Why you want but it from Lazada? Other places got handphone with low price.

normally i buy from physical shop only because can ask for their option and more safety
but for my experience, i suggest you go observe a few store first and compare it or you can go telco store say you want purchase it by full payment and without sign up any plan one

Yeah, Why bother to buy at lazada? Their service is slow and there is no guarantee for you to receive the phone in perfect condition as they pick randomly. Better visit physical store to purchase, at least you can pick it yourself. Faster to receive the phone. Also, current online store no more good deal ady.

usually lazada will provide some discount on their product but i didn’t know whether is true a not
for me i won’t buy something expensive by online because sometimes we didn’t know who is him and how is their product
the phone maybe recon hp or fake and we also didn’t know and who to claim back money also unknown

It’s encourage to purchase digital device from physical store instead of online store due to concern of the product functionality and the license certificate. I am currently using Mate 9 Pro also, but I got it on Celcom instead of Huawei dealer as I am a postpaid users and sign up with telco can get 1k+ subsidy… So better offer for me compared to Huawei RPP. You can check it out too, just if you can utilize 40gb data and above for a month,otherwise it’s not recommend to get contract with telco. Btw, this is jz the alternative option for you to consider. There is always a better offer, if you patient to survey.

but the 40gb data will separate in weekend and weekday data izzit ?
i hate those separate data because we didn’t know we will use more data in weekend or weekday and if weekdays fully used and can’t use the another 20gb for weekend one
so inconvenient and inflexible at all

Think I have to find alternative way, since majority disagree to take from Lazada.
To be honest, I also don’t feel like take from Lazada just because I saw it got discount then only consider to get it from there. Thank guys.

If not mistaken it’s seem that they allow to combine the data by paying extra…

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