Determine Ori Kingston Product from Fakes!

Here’s to help buyers to differentiate the famous Kingston products.

Pen drive’s

  1. color, 1 is yellow, the other, orange.
  2. font, notice the ‘8’ GB.
  3. chips, notice the green chips inside, the yellow one, green chip almost fill up the whole space, orange one, only a little bit can be seen.


More help can be gained from the link below~!

Thanks for AlexLee277, inkle and the others from LYN.

good ones!

great info bro.

wow… nice 1…

for no.1, i m using a 8gb with red or purple color. so how do u explain that? ok found the diffence. it’s the number 8. thanks

excellent post!

how to diffrentiate the ram?
can further elaborate?

Simple enough, just get what you need from StratOS’ shop.

lols confirm genuine!
i love strat shop!

Yeah, no doubt about the lovely price there. Beats the PCImage’s fair.