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Terms & Conditions
8) ALL Products are 100% authentic and in Brand New condition.
8) All our stock is limited in quantity to maintain exclusiveness
8) Order subjects to availability, though most of the best-seller products are available on stock.
8) Price will change accordingly compare to retail-selling.
8) Welcome email for order submission date enquiries. First come first serve basis. Do expect approximately 2-3 weeks for product delivery for items that out of stock.
8) Full payment needed upon booking. Strictly for serious buyer only

Shipping via pos laju nationwide at buyer own risk, charges bear by buyer.

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Current Available Stock

Please take note on ultracalming range product. Ultracalming range has new packaging now. It already launched in US for the past 2 months! Some seller here still selling the old packaging! Beware!!

[size=16]Take Note on Expiry Date![/size]

Expiry Date on Dermalogica’s Product
All of our dermalogica’s Products are imported directly from US. The consultant told us that most of their product can last for 2 years from first used.

There are no regulations or requirements under current United States law that require cosmetic manufacturers to print expiration dates on the labels of cosmetic products. However, Over-The-Counter (OTC) Drug products (products that contain sunscreens or acne ingredients), are required to have the printed expiration date on the product packaging. The Expiry date indicates the time period during which Sunscreen/Acne Active Ingredient(s) will remain active or potent until the expiration date as shown. This should be found on the box and or on the packaging itself.

Please find attached the email from the Dermalogica’s international corporate trainer for asia and new zealand.

We place order bi-weekly basis and do not keep much stocks. All our product are FRESH in condition and FAIR in price.

Welcome any enquiry!

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current available stock as at sept 2010:

YEAH!!!Another new parcel received!!!
Update photos and ready stock later ya!

Lalalala, brand new and still H.O.T!!! Some stocks not even available in Malaysia!! Don’t jealous k!

another new parcel received today!

next batch pre-order close tomorrow ~

November new stock arrival:

new stock arrived for 20th Oct batch order:

Multi Active Toner 50ml RM30
ultracalming cleanser 50ml RM35
Clearing skin wash 50ml Selling Fast @RM25 (expiry date Jan 2011)

New Stock as at 23 Nov 2010

Baby size items available: 50ml special cleansing gel;50ml multiactive toner, 22ml skin smoothing cream, 7ml skin hydrating booster, 22ml skin prep scrub,10ml gentle cream exfoliant

Meet with Dermalogica Most Popular & Favorite products in SET!!! LIMITED!!!

Set include: 50ml special cleansing gel;13g daily microfoliant, 22ml skin smoothing cream, 5ml multivitamin power firm.

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Trio Boost Set!
Set Include: 7ml Skin Hydrating Booster + 7ml Extra Firming Booster + 7ml Skin Renewal Booster!

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Current Available Stocks:

Daily Microfoliant Promo Set!! Limited

Set included:

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant 75gram (actual size)
Free Travel Size Active Moist 22ml
Free Travel Size Special Cleansing Gel 50ml

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