Dept unsure what to do with 'princesses'


Monday August 20, 2007

Dept unsure what to do with princesses

MIRI: The two princesses supposedly came for a holiday, but what has turned out so far is one big misadventure.

Puteri Lamia Roro Wiranata, 21, and Puteri Fathia Reza, 23, who claimed to be princesses of the Sunda Democratic Empire, have been in and out of prisons and courts since they were arrested on July 23.

The Miri magistrates court has now fixed Aug 27 for the Immigration Department to bring charges against them.

But the department is in the dark as to the section to charge the two women.

According to a lawyer, the department must prove the type of offences the women had committed.

They were not causing any nuisance in the buffer zone (between Brunei and Sarawak where they were found loitering).

They were merely holding travel documents not recognised by Malaysia but they were brought to the no-mans land forcefully, not on their own accord.

It will be interesting to see what the department can charge them with.

Another headache awaits everybody, which country to deport the two princesses to? the lawyer said yesterday.

The two princesses claim that the Sunda royal family is living in exile in Switzerland and their passports had been issued by the Sunda Empire.

They had taken shelter in a hut at a garden inside the buffer zone for one week before immigration officers detained them and placed them in a police lock-up as the department did not have a detention centre in Miri.

On Aug 5, the Miri Immigration Department obtained a court order to send them to the special detention centre along the Kuching-Serian road.

It is learnt that the detention centre refused to hold them because the two women had not committed any immigration offences.

They were sent back to Miri and are now being detained at the womens section in Lambir Prison.

Any chance of asking them to be my queen? I do need another ruler at home.