Dentists in Miri?

Which dental clinic in Miri has the most affordable rates for routine check ups and teeth cleaning? Any suggestions?

I can tell you that Dr. Aziz is not cheap at all and it is so difficult to get appointment with his clinic. They make you wait forever if you do not have appointment. I am not sure how good he is but he definitely is popular and also expensive.

i have experience hav to wait for about 2-1/2 hrs w/o appointment @ Dr Aziz… a little bit expensive compare to others… but his service v.g

bright smile dental lotsa dentist there …just pick whichever u like according to u likes
dr sim-guy
dr chai -gal

both good

I went to Dr. Hii Dental Surgery yesterday for some dental cleaning… not bad… but in the morning its full, so they asked me to come in the afternoon… not bad.

Why not try the polyclinic/Miri GH? Nowadays a lot of dentists there so easier to get appointment…

Can we just drop by the GH’s dental department for minor issues? Wouldn’t they require some kind of referral?