Dental Tips For Teenagers

This is the ideal age for your dentist to check if the position of your teeth is correct and if treatment is necessary to create a more attractive appearance.

Always use a fluoride toothpaste and brysh your teeth at least twice a day. Fluoride strenghthens resistance to decay and encourages repair of the enamel damaged by the acid attack of the decay process.

Use dental floss daily to remove harmful plaque from between your teeht. Regular brushing with a soft brush and flossing will prevent gum disease, which can lead to loss of teeth.

To protect you againts sporting injuries, have your dentist make a custom-made mouth guard. These are much more effective and confortable than mounth guards off-the-shelf.

Ask your dentist how often you need a check-up. Measures to prevents dental disease include the applications of fluoride and the sealing of small pits in the enamel which are likely spots for decay. :smiley:

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