Dennis: Some Baram voters unhappy with proposed Mulu seat

MIRI: Several voters in Baram, particularly from Nibong and Puyot in Marudi, are disappointed with the Election Commission (EC)s recommendation to redraw the boundaries of the proposed Long Lama constituency and name it Mulu.

The notice for the proposed change was put up by the EC yesterday.

Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau, when contacted yesterday, said he had received calls from voters in the two villages who aired their disappointment with the change.

The initial delineation of Long Lama seat includes Bario, Long Banga, Long Lellang, Long Seridan, Long Lama, Tutoh and Apoh. Now EC has redrawn the boundaries and changed the name.

Voters from Nibong and Poyut want to vote in the Long Lama seat. They have collected about 1,000 signatures and submitted them to the EC for consideration.

Dennis admitted he was disappointed and shocked, too, after seeing the notice as the voice of the voters had fallen on deaf ears.

I have told them (people in Nibong and Puyot) to remain calm, and we will find a way to resolve this issue. If it requires us meeting with the chief minister or the EC in Kuala Lumpur, we will go.