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MIRI: Members of the public had a lot of fun trying out kickboxing and Muay Thai at the ‘Experience Your First Martial Arts’ demonstration and performance held last weekend.

Top Dog Factory Martial Arts Training Centre trainer Ncedo Gomba, a multiple World Muay Thai Champion (WMC) belt holder, was on hand to give those interested a chance to step into the ring to learn and perform punches and kicks.

“Martial arts is not merely for men. In fact, women should be the one trying out the sports because it is a great way to practise self defence and at the same time, lose weight,” trainee Nur Aishah told The Borneo Post.

Despite only starting six months ago, Nur is already familiar with the ring, competing as an amateur fighter in local competitions.

“As a Muslim woman, I like to send the positive message out there that learning martial arts does not make you less of a women, or in my case a Muslim woman, but it helps project a positive image,” said the mother-of-one.

Initially taking Muay Thai classes to lose weight, Nur shared that her interest to learn more of the sport has led her to train under world champion Ncedo as an amateur fighter at Top Dog Factory.

“People around me would often ask what is Muay Thai and whether it is violent.

“They would even be appalled when I told them that I trained with my ‘tudung’ (headscarf). I want people to have the right perception towards women training martial arts and hopefully that I can encourage more to learn,” said the 32-year-old.

Nur expressed her hope to progress in her training towards becoming a professional fighter.

“Outside of the ring people may feel scared, but once you’re inside the ring, it is a great feeling to be able to put on the glove and throw punches and train with a professional trainer. Besides, it helps build my confidence,” she said.

Top Dog Factory director Mia Mah was happy to see that many brave members of the public come forward to try out.

“Despite Top Dog only being established last year, I am hoping to attract more locals to take up the sports.”

The two-day event was held at Bintang Megamall here.

a collaboration between Top Dog Factory, Bintang Megamall and Meritz Hotel Miri.

Source: The Borneo Post

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