Dell Fans Club

Im establishing this Dell Fans Club for all dell enthuist to gather here.
Since Eugene established this acer fanns club.
All Dell enthuist feel free to drop a word here~

share your opinions on all xps series.~!
Lai Lai

lace… since u organize this… i need ur help on my dell deskstop… i cant find a suitable VGA driver(software) for my desktop… the model is dell optiplex gx620… mind to help?

okay…if tats ur prob…ur desktop still under warranty?

Not sure y u cany find a suitable vga driver
but i helped u search under dell site.
Hope this can help u.
pls do put more input so that we can help u … id=&impid=

dell fans kindly input the specs of the rig ure owning together with the reviews of the product and also the comments of the dell products u guys are using…
kindly input all the cons and the pros for all the forumers to kno the pros and cons of all the dell products tat u gutys are using.
Retailers and sellers of dell products are also welcome to post and sell their products here

Im starthing this thread for all the fans of razer to share their opinions here!
Mods kindly combine all the razer related thread under this thread~

no more warranty wor… izzit download under video part?

lolz… lace!! razer tarantula keyboard! nice!! :smiley:

go under video part see got suitable driver or not.
dell products imposibble they dun provide drivers under their site de.

lols u own 1?
i also feeling like owning a lycosa
nw i only own razer lachesis + exactmat

count me in!! i like the razor mamba! but the price killing people haha

why not tell us what graphics card you use? better… if Nvidia please download at im guessing ur using dekstop so its ok… if laptop download frm dell website…

I am also into this fan club. Hahaha… since I am a very big fan of Dell… the most famous and reliable brand ever… lol hope I am not overrating Dell.

My Dell is Vostro 1400, business line computer. 14.1 inch, Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 1.6Ghz under the hood, upgraded to 1.5GB RAM, and windows vista basic…

Love it very much… hahaha

lols koko welcome to the club i hope more and more forumers will come and joint us hope to arrange a gathering sooner when many ppl joins this club
thanx eugene for helping our club member although he is the chairman for acer club
koko im really a big fans for watever things sold by dell.

lolz… its a onboard VGA… i also don know what is the model of the VGA using… i just get this com 2 weeks ago and i reformat it and now… GG… no VGA setup…

inspired by eugene posting:
members are welcome to post up pics of their rigs for sharing.

hope for pros help on my dell deskstop…

ahaha… the mouse and keyboard very good wor… the sensitivity is better alot than the others. EXPENSIVE BUT WORTH… :stuck_out_tongue:

huh?still not yet settle