Delay from Income Tax Deptt.. Plzzz Help

Hi Friends,

I am writing this because I am in dire straits and require immediate suggestions from you people.
I am a foreign national, working in Malaysia since 2008.

The thing is that LHDNM (Lembaga Hasil Delam Negeri Malaysia) owe me money for overdeducted tax in the Y2008. My file is registered in Bintulu. Earlier they used to ring me to ask for various documents to complete their audit/evaluation. Everytime I expeditiously sent them all the required info. Sometimes different people used to call me and ask for the same documents that I have already submitted to them.

For the last few months, they are saying that their process of evaluation is complete and the same is pending signatures of their bosses. I cant express how dejected I am feeling. Everytime I call them, I get the same answer. Its 2010 now and they havent paid be my dues for the y2008!!

I even told them that I may be transferred from Malaysia soon so, pls expedite, but it seems that my talks fall on deaf ears.

I am felling very bad and confused what to do. I am not sure, hw will I be able to get the money once I am out. The things are just not moving.

Please help me and advice what to do. U people being Malaysians and being aware of local gov offices working should be able to help me out.


thats normal for then. which tax agent in bintulu do the filling for u? u might need to refer back to them.

I did it myself, online

Should I write a letter to Director of LHDNM(Bintulu) or something??

Knowing how the govt sector works, I should suggest you pay them a visit personally to get things sorted out. It will do you no good by sitting around in front of the pc and do everything online, or thru the phone. Did you have the name(s) of the officers you dealt with all these while? Be prepare to re-submit whatever documents you submitted before and get them to acknowledge receipt. On the other hand, a letter to the Director would come in handy too.

All the best.

You may get it back after a year or two…
Happen to my company… :frowning:

But when comes to ask for tax payment, they are fast…

[quote=“wgn_white”]You may get it back after a year or two…
Happen to my company… :frowning:

But when comes to ask for tax payment, they are fast…[/quote]

if u late for 1 day already got penalty. if u pay more no interest. that’s why many ppl under disclose their income.

My company “larikan” income tax by giving bonuses… buy equipments… etc… LoL

nope that’s not larikan, that the legal way.

bonus = expenses =employee pay more tax.
buy equipment= company assets can clam for capital allowance annually.

some big one they totally or partially omit , underdeclare their income say missing a few 0 b4 .

Now with e-filing, their penalty efficiency has increased. If you submitted your tax file via e-filing late, you’ll get a penalty letter in mailing address within 1 week. And as for tax refund, it may take them 2 weeks but up to 2 months for people with employment income (except SSB employee because of their prior year income). For those with business income, it may take them months, and up to years if you’ve been a bad tax payer (pending cp500/cp204, pending penalty, late submission, etc).

Things may speed up if you file tax via tax agent. Well, most tax agents have contacts inside IRB, and they have certain ways to speed up stuff.